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Join us at Bookwise on Thursday, April 14, when Robert Macomber will discuss his "Code of Honor".

Robert N. Macomber is a multi-award winning author, internationally

acclaimed lecturer, former Dept. of Defense consultant, adventurous expedition leader, accomplished seaman, and reviewer for the New York Journal of Books. He was named “2020 Florida Writer of the Year” by the Florida Writers Association. His reputation for historical detail, engaging plots, distinctive characters, helpful maps, extensive bibliographies, and educational end notes creates eager readers and listeners alike. He is best known for his "Honor Series"; the popular maritime thrillers following the life and career of U.S. naval officer Peter Wake,from the American Civil War in Florida, beyond the Spanish-American War

in 1898, and well into the 1900s.

When not traveling for research treks, lecture tours, or book signings,

Macomber enjoys cooking exotic cuisines inspired by his novels and sailing

quietly among remote islands.

Code of Honor is the 16th books in his Honor Series, and an detailed story of how Asia and the world were forever changed by the Russo-Japanese War, how the U.S. Navy’s view of Japan changed from amused respect to growing worry, and how

Event starts at 7 PM. See you here!

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